How Do You Know When Love Is Forever?

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I think it was 26B but it could have been 32A. I liked the sound of 26B. 32A sounds like a parking spot or a space in Battleship. But 26B sounds like a jukebox selection, which is probably further proof that it actually was 32A and I just tried to remember it the way I wanted to — not how it was. That’s a common affliction of mine — I remember not with fact but with opinion. Mine is the memory of a romantic. A cockeyed romantic.

The debate between 26B and 32A is a tame one that exists only in my mind. A simple Google search would answer the question, but knowing which it actually was would ruin the fun.

26B and 32A are exits on a highway running somewhere through Massachusetts. And the reason I care so much about them is that we were passing one of those…

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Learning more and feeling more

Learning how to find balance, relax, and manage stress is more effective at protecting your health than moderate drinking. Developing your inner resources and strength is always better than relying on a bottle for stress relief or relaxation.”

This article had some interesting drinking facts:


How Even Moderate Drinking May Negatively Affect Your Brain

I find…

I find myself still suffering every day because of the pain that I caused to the people I care about when I was drinking.

I have moments of sadness and anxiety basically every day still.


This video really made an impact on me.


No longer drinking has definitely been one of the best choices that I have ever made in my life. 

I feel that some people still don’t believe that it’s going to last…

But I know that this is a permanent lifestyle choice. 

I feel back to normal – back to the old Molly… but with more experiences under my belt to make me a more mature and experienced person!

Surprised again

Today I experienced my first Major League Baseball game being sober since I was in high school.

A favorite college past-time of mine is to go to baseball games and get absolutely wasted.

I didn’t drink. Not even a sip to see what the new Mangoritas taste like.

Honestly, I thought that I wasn’t going to have a good time because all my friends were going to be incredibly drunk and I am not drinking.

But I had a blast… An absolute blast… (I’m so surprised!!!) 

I didn’t think that I could do it… I really thought that if anything, this experience would be where I would drink again.

But I had a fabulous time and I realize that I can do anything. I’m so happy and so excited that I have gone this far and have been tested in so many different ways and made it through them all!

I can and am going to stay sober!!