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Another nice blog post about choosing sobriety


10 Things I’ve Learned From Choosing Sobriety Over Friendships

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I want to make this clear out of the gate:  I’m not a creepy, social recluse incapable of socially interacting with other people on a normal level.  Throughout my life I’ve been an outgoing, funny guy.  I always had a great deal of friends from various circles.  However, since I chose the path of sober living I’ve lost all the folks I considered “good friends.”  As a matter of fact, none of those people even bother to contact me simply to see how I’m doing.

A large portion of my time is spent at home because I haven’t really developed any close relationships in sobriety.  All of the people I used to pal around with are still actively drinking and/or smoking, and frankly I don’t want to be around that.  Furthermore, I don’t come across many new people who can have an enjoyable evening without getting loaded.  I love…

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Lessons of love

With the clarity that I’ve experienced from quitting drinking, there are a few lessons of love that I have learned are so very important:
Don’t have expectations from the person you love/ don’t keep score of who does what and treat the person that you love like they are your best friend not just bf/gf.

110 days

I have been working on improving myself since February. I’ve made a tremendous effort to better myself and not only enjoy life without drinking but just be a better person.

These past few months, I have gone from being at the hardest point in my adult life to experiencing so much happiness and clarity. I love and feel deeper.

Talk about finding yourself.

Getting to this point was such an emotional struggle and I didn’t really share with many people… but this struggle has hugely paid off.

Not to sound overly dramatic… but I will never go back. Never again will I be that person.

Finishing up this transition…

Transitions are like speed bumps. You need to slow down while approaching them. Rather than expecting your life to remain the same, or trying to recreate the life you are most familiar with, try to be open and accepting to change. If, instead of panicking, you allow for plenty of time for your transitions, you will, like a dancer, gracefully adjust to the next step in the process. 

If not everyone can accept and trust my change… maybe I should no longer make time for them in my life…

90 Days

Yesterday was officially 90 days of sobriety.

It is such a wonderful feeling.

Looking back to the beginning of February, I ABSOLUTELY couldn’t imagine life without drinking.

All of my friends did it… and they still do.

It’s basically the only thing that people did in my town… and that is still the case.

But I have accomplished this goal. I’ve found that life is even more fun and interesting without drinking.

There are so many scenarios that I am in where it seems that drinking is a priority to people… but guess what? I have been able to enjoy them without drinking!

There has yet to be a time that I have been tempted to start drinking again.

I look forward to many many many may more days of sobriety. 

I found this blog just a few days ago… and wow does she hit the nail on the forehead…




Celebs Who Don’t Drink!

Celebs Who Don’t Drink!

It’s always nice to hear other people’s stories!