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10 Things I’ve Learned From Choosing Sobriety Over Friendships

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I want to make this clear out of the gate:  I’m not a creepy, social recluse incapable of socially interacting with other people on a normal level.  Throughout my life I’ve been an outgoing, funny guy.  I always had a great deal of friends from various circles.  However, since I chose the path of sober living I’ve lost all the folks I considered “good friends.”  As a matter of fact, none of those people even bother to contact me simply to see how I’m doing.

A large portion of my time is spent at home because I haven’t really developed any close relationships in sobriety.  All of the people I used to pal around with are still actively drinking and/or smoking, and frankly I don’t want to be around that.  Furthermore, I don’t come across many new people who can have an enjoyable evening without getting loaded.  I love…

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