Monthly Archives: June 2014

Lessons of love

With the clarity that I’ve experienced from quitting drinking, there are a few lessons of love that I have learned are so very important:
Don’t have expectations from the person you love/ don’t keep score of who does what and treat the person that you love like they are your best friend not just bf/gf.


110 days

I have been working on improving myself since February. I’ve made a tremendous effort to better myself and not only enjoy life without drinking but just be a better person.

These past few months, I have gone from being at the hardest point in my adult life to experiencing so much happiness and clarity. I love and feel deeper.

Talk about finding yourself.

Getting to this point was such an emotional struggle and I didn’t really share with many people… but this struggle has hugely paid off.

Not to sound overly dramatic… but I will never go back. Never again will I be that person.