How Do You Know When Love Is Forever?

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I think it was 26B but it could have been 32A. I liked the sound of 26B. 32A sounds like a parking spot or a space in Battleship. But 26B sounds like a jukebox selection, which is probably further proof that it actually was 32A and I just tried to remember it the way I wanted to — not how it was. That’s a common affliction of mine — I remember not with fact but with opinion. Mine is the memory of a romantic. A cockeyed romantic.

The debate between 26B and 32A is a tame one that exists only in my mind. A simple Google search would answer the question, but knowing which it actually was would ruin the fun.

26B and 32A are exits on a highway running somewhere through Massachusetts. And the reason I care so much about them is that we were passing one of those…

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