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Finishing up this transition…

Transitions are like speed bumps. You need to slow down while approaching them. Rather than expecting your life to remain the same, or trying to recreate the life you are most familiar with, try to be open and accepting to change. If, instead of panicking, you allow for plenty of time for your transitions, you will, like a dancer, gracefully adjust to the next step in the process. 

If not everyone can accept and trust my change… maybe I should no longer make time for them in my life…


90 Days

Yesterday was officially 90 days of sobriety.

It is such a wonderful feeling.

Looking back to the beginning of February, I ABSOLUTELY couldn’t imagine life without drinking.

All of my friends did it… and they still do.

It’s basically the only thing that people did in my town… and that is still the case.

But I have accomplished this goal. I’ve found that life is even more fun and interesting without drinking.

There are so many scenarios that I am in where it seems that drinking is a priority to people… but guess what? I have been able to enjoy them without drinking!

There has yet to be a time that I have been tempted to start drinking again.

I look forward to many many many may more days of sobriety. 

I found this blog just a few days ago… and wow does she hit the nail on the forehead…




Celebs Who Don’t Drink!

Celebs Who Don’t Drink!

It’s always nice to hear other people’s stories! 

How Do You Know When Love Is Forever?

Thought Catalog

I think it was 26B but it could have been 32A. I liked the sound of 26B. 32A sounds like a parking spot or a space in Battleship. But 26B sounds like a jukebox selection, which is probably further proof that it actually was 32A and I just tried to remember it the way I wanted to — not how it was. That’s a common affliction of mine — I remember not with fact but with opinion. Mine is the memory of a romantic. A cockeyed romantic.

The debate between 26B and 32A is a tame one that exists only in my mind. A simple Google search would answer the question, but knowing which it actually was would ruin the fun.

26B and 32A are exits on a highway running somewhere through Massachusetts. And the reason I care so much about them is that we were passing one of those…

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Learning more and feeling more

Learning how to find balance, relax, and manage stress is more effective at protecting your health than moderate drinking. Developing your inner resources and strength is always better than relying on a bottle for stress relief or relaxation.”

This article had some interesting drinking facts:


How Even Moderate Drinking May Negatively Affect Your Brain