Monthly Archives: April 2014

I find…

I find myself still suffering every day because of the pain that I caused to the people I care about when I was drinking.

I have moments of sadness and anxiety basically every day still.



This video really made an impact on me.


No longer drinking has definitely been one of the best choices that I have ever made in my life. 

I feel that some people still don’t believe that it’s going to last…

But I know that this is a permanent lifestyle choice. 

I feel back to normal – back to the old Molly… but with more experiences under my belt to make me a more mature and experienced person!

Surprised again

Today I experienced my first Major League Baseball game being sober since I was in high school.

A favorite college past-time of mine is to go to baseball games and get absolutely wasted.

I didn’t drink. Not even a sip to see what the new Mangoritas taste like.

Honestly, I thought that I wasn’t going to have a good time because all my friends were going to be incredibly drunk and I am not drinking.

But I had a blast… An absolute blast… (I’m so surprised!!!) 

I didn’t think that I could do it… I really thought that if anything, this experience would be where I would drink again.

But I had a fabulous time and I realize that I can do anything. I’m so happy and so excited that I have gone this far and have been tested in so many different ways and made it through them all!

I can and am going to stay sober!!