Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend

I spent Saturday, March 15th in the wonderful city of Chicago.

The Saint Patrick’s Day festivities were booming.

My girlfriend and I had an 18th floor hotel room over looking the river in downtown Chicago… How amazing.

Her friend joined us Friday evening, bringing along a bottle of vodka to drink before the morning parade and bar hopping all day. 

All of this the day before one month of sobriety… talk about a test!!

This was my first experience with being around friends pre-gaming while I have quit drinking. I didn’t know what to do while the girls were taking shots… but I managed just fine.  

It was pretty cold Saturday. We walked and walked to get to the parade and then missed it. We then walked for probably another hour and a half trying to find the best bar to go to. Finally, we found one and stood in a line that looked like it was going to take two hours to get through.

It took only about 30 minutes… but still… All of this to not drink… and to top it off, there was a $10 cover charge.

We get into the massively packed bar and there are no tables or chairs. Lets add on to the misery of the day.

At this point it would have been fabulous to have a drink. Even just a sip of beer… But I didn’t.

I had so much strength. I kept reminding myself of the way I treated others when drinking and how it would later make me feel.

Never again. 

I wasn’t having fun but then I realized that this is the new lifestyle that I have chosen so I can either be miserable or I can try to enjoy the situation – regardless of the odd circumstances.

Am I going to not enjoy myself in Chicago on St. Patty’s weekend just because I’m not drinking?! HELL NO!!!

So I changed my attitude… continued to watch everyone else get drunk… and still ended up having a good time.  


About mollsunflower

I woke up one day and decided that I didn't want to feel this way anymore. Or ever again. This is my blog about my positive life change. View all posts by mollsunflower

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