It’s a great pleasure in life; doing what others think you can not do.

It’s so easy to get caught up in your everyday doings and… really… not realize what you are actually doing.

Since I have not been drinking, I have found that I really enjoy going to bars with my friends.

To be honest, I always dreaded it whenever I was going to the bars and drinking. I did not have fun. I always had negative thoughts running through my head such as “I don’t want to see these people,” “When are we going to do something else,” or “Everyone is so annoying!”

I continued to go to bars, however, because that’s what all of my friends do. I had the choice to either sit at home on the weekend or to go to the bars where all of my friends were. Never once did I think that I could go and not drink. I thought that drinking made it a more tolerable experience… when really… it was doing the opposite.

Since I haven’t been drinking, I have had a blast going out with my friends. And my friends have pointed out that they see a huge difference in my behavior and attitude. They now tell me that they always thought that I was mad/upset/not having a good time. I often times would sit there and not say much, looking unhappy….


A month ago, when I told people that I was done drinking, it seemed as if most people thought that it would be short lived. Drinking is basically what everyone my age and in my friend group does in my town.

Also, many people asked why don’t I just limit myself to a few drinks… but I had already tried that… too many times… I had never been able to figure out this whole “control” thing.

But now I have. My “control” is to not drink at all.

I am having MORE fun than when I was drinking. And I love this feeling of control. I love the feeling that I can always take care of my friends when they have had too much to drink. Also, I feel more confident. In these past few weeks, I have had so many men approach me at bars trying to get to know me and get my number.

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I woke up one day and decided that I didn't want to feel this way anymore. Or ever again. This is my blog about my positive life change. View all posts by mollsunflower

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